FPS Employment, Labour & Social Dialogue - ALM Platform Selection

Februari 2010 - March 2010

Management Summary

The initial trigger for the restructuring of the IT department was this study into how new developments within the Federal Public Service would happen. The focus was put on migration towards new technologies (Java), assurance of the code quality and initial steps to reform the application landscape towards a SOA-minded setup. In order to guarantee the requirements surrounding ease of development, agility, and quality of delivered code, an entire Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution was deemed to be necessary to guide and support developers in writing top notch software.

Team Composition

Business Sponsor: Christian Pochet
Architect: Peter De Kinder

Lessons Learned

The lessons learned from this assessment lead to the introduction of two new project. The first of these projects was to set up a development strategy in accordance to the results of this assessment, being the need for a Java competence center, and a suite of supporting tools, of which the Atlassian stack in combination with several open source tooling proved to be the best match for FPS ELSD. In addition to installing the Atlassian tools and developing the processes on how to properly use them, a follow-up project was initiated after a period of familiarization with the tools in order to further automate and support the development/deployment process.

Atlassian Stack Anno 2010
Atlassian Stack Anno 2010

Assessment ALM Public Sector