FPS Employment, Labour & Social Dialogue - SIRS IR

June 2010 - December 2010

Management Summary

The project has been launched from the following point of view: The generation of reliable statistics about the inspection actions performed by the different departments (arrondissementen) and the usage of these by the SIRS/SIOD department. Main Objectives are:

  • Redesign workflow of current encoding operations
  • Development of web application facilitating new business workflow
  • Provide documentation and training (change management) both in Dutch and French
  • Allow generation of statistical data in the form of a Balanced Score Card

The project consists of a web application that will support the encoding of the statistical data surrounding the inspections reported to the SIRS/SIOD. This statistical data will be entered into the system by secretaries and administrative associate with the different departments, and will then follow a validation chain to be finally accepted as final data by the administration of the SIRS/SIOD. The validation chain will be implemented in the form of tasks to be assigned to specific users of the system. Based on the statistical data entered in this way, reports will be produced for various interested and affiliated parties. The functionalities of the web application will be to:

  • Allow encoding and searching of inspections
  • Allow user management for the application
  • Allow report generation portraying relevant data
  • Allow task functionalities (lists, task actions...)

Project BPM Public Sector