Brown Bag Session - A View on Services

28th of April 2022

The purpose of the presentation was to give an introduction to what services are in the current IT landscape to a diverse audience of non-technical people. This session was given at the behest of BNP Paribas. The presentation focused on the following topics:

  • a definition of what a service is
  • the components that make up a service
  • a comparison of a conversation between services to a conversation between people
  • a typical service contract and what it consists of
  • a brief history of where we came from and how services evolved
  • the different service architectures and the trade-offs with each of them
  • how to get rid of monolithic architectures in favor of services
  • the role services play in automating business processes
  • differences between ESB and API gateway
  • to cloud or not to cloud

Some slides from the presentation:

Structure of a Service

Tradeoffs between classic SOA and Micro Services

Keynote SOA