ING - ALM Platform Quality Assessment

September 2011 - August 2011

Management Summary

The ALM Assessment focuses on assessing the current development processes, then recommending improvements at the people, process and tools levels. The assessment was made in cooperation with members of the ING Retail Change Internet (RCI) subdivision with the following objectives:

  • An overview of the current situation, the associated issues and limitations;
  • ING’s current ALM maturity level
  • A proposal of a number of solutions
  • A phased roadmap with activities necessary for addressing the issues and limitations

Special attention was to be given to the following concurrent initiatives:

  • JAVA technology platform as todays main technology platform for RCI
  • Activities performed by the RUN department that better should be performed by the CHANGE department
  • The initiative to “near shore” (integrate) IT services (JAVA development services)

Assessment ALM Financial Sector