EDF Luminus - Optimization Quick Wins Assessment

December 2017 till Now

Management Summary

The Optimization department within EDF Luminus has as a primary function the balancing of energy on the Belgian energy grid. Since there is no capacity for storage on the grid, each supplier of energy needs to match the consumption of their customers to the production they inject into the grid. As the demand of your customers will at times differ from your capacity to produce, an active market exists to buy/sell energy from and to other energy providers. This provides trading opportunities and thus profit opportunities. In order to act on these opportunities, a system is needed to interact with the trading platform (provided by Elia), and a system is needed to remotely start/stop production assets to address the energy need in the market. This study is done against the backdrop of a department-wide continuous improvement track, and looks for quick wins to be implemented both in the operational and the reporting capabilities of the department.

EDF Luminus Optimization Landscape

Team Composition

Business Sponsors: Juergen Dennersmann, Frederik Snoecks
Business Facilitator: Martijn Kramer
Architects: Philippe Vandenbulcke, Peter De Kinder

Assessment SOA Utilities Sector