D'Ieteren Car Lease - Driver 2.2

October 2013 till Januari 2014

Management Summary

D’Ieteren rolled out a Dealer Management System (DMS) to all local dealers to support their local operations. During roll out of the DMS "Driver 2", a client satisfaction enquiry was performed on site for a selection of local dealers and retailers. During this enquiry it was identified that the end users are facing particular issues while using Driver 2. The main identified improvement points were related to the alignment of Driver 2 with the business processes, the ergonomics of the application and the reporting functionalities for the aftersales process.

The solution "Driver 2.2 User Experience Layer" is to implement a process based user interface, fully compliant with the factory standards, taking into account on recommendations and remarks gathered and analyzed together with an end user panel. This process is to orchestrate services provided by the D'Ieteren ESB, in order to offer functionalities to the car dealers affiliated with D'Ieteren.

Team Composition

As I was only involved with the initial phases of the project for setting up the solution architecture, my only two other team members were the project manager, Gino Sprio, and the application architect, Johan Philippe. Later on, they were joined by a team of 3 developers. The study into the functional analysis was performed by Deloitte.

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