Crelan - CREOPS

March 2022 till May 2022

Management Summary

CREOPS is the application which is used at Crelan for loan simulations and origination. With the application being developed in house over the last decade, the technical debt has accrued at a steady pace. Now that the merger of Crelan with AXA Bank has been approved by the National Bank of Belgium, the IT landscape of both banks will have to be merged as well. To facilitate this, the technical debt of CREOPS needs to be reduced and its components transformed to newer technologies. These new technologies will be Quarkus in the backend, Angular in the frontend and KeyCloak as security component, with a clear structure of service design and service landscape design. This reengineering is accompanied by a move from traditional infrastructure to a Kubernetes-managed cloud solution.

The reengineering effort is based on a strangulation approach. Whenever a functionality is adapted that can be easily removed from the application, and then wired into it by using services, this is executed, thus reducing the complexity of the original code. A similar approach is used for the frontend where older JSP screens are shifted to Angular whenever a significant change or addition is made to them. Couple this with a boy scout mindset where each time a developer touches older code, it is up to that developer to clean it up and provide the necessary testing (if not yet available) to ensure a proper test set for regression.

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