De Lijn - Chauffeursportaal

Februari 2015 till August 2015

Management Summary

The Chauffeursportaal solution is a setup at the disposition of bus drivers, which they can access in each of the bus depots. Since these drivers are the principal point of contact with the customer, they need to be able to access various types of information in order to help their passengers. This implies a correct, simple and uniform distribution of information, needed by drivers, administrative staff, and depot overseers in order to optimize the customer services. The kiosks in the bus depot that run the Chauffeursportaal solution serve to this end.

As a central point of information the portal running on these kiosks give the user access to the following:

  • Work shifts and route details
  • Known traffic disturbances and deviations
  • Vehicle specifications

A secondary goal of the solution is to allow administrative staff to manage these flows of information in order to guarantee that they are up date, and to provide them with a planning tool for the bus routes and work shifts.

Team Composition

Project Silo Architecture Transport Sector