July 2001 - June 2003

Management Summary

The project consisted of third party testing of the ADA code comprising the control of the new generation trains by ALSTOM, in order to pass audit requirements. The code was to comply to the CENELEC standard. In order to test this embedded software, a test environment was to be created to simulate the responses of the train in a Windows environment.

Team Composition

As with any project that takes a prolonged time, the composition of the time has changed during the project run. The organigram underneath is a snapshot in time. At its peak, the project contained up to 7 test teams, consisting of a test team lead and 2 testers.

Lessons Learned

My first project right out of school was a great experience to enhance my understanding on how to test developed code. Not only did this project test on a functional level, verifying whether the behavior of the product was compliant with the documentation accompanying the product, but there was also a need to do exhaustive technical testing. This technical testing comes in different types of tests, and thus I was exposed and became routined to these different flavors. These test types are then divided into two distinct categories: white box (WB) and black box (BB) testing, or invasive and non-invasive testing respectively.

Type of TestCatPurpose
Code Coverage TestingWBVerify that all lines of code are called in at least one test in order to detect possible dead code.
Branch Coverage TestingWBVerify that all permutations of a decision gateway are tested.
Error Guessing TestingWBInsert possible values into the function in order to detect possible bugs and/or common mistakes, such as causing a division by zero.
Input Boundary TestingBBEnter into the input parameters the minimum value for each parameter, the maximum value for each parameter and a value somewhere between the two to test extreme cases.
Output Boundary TestingBBDevise tests that result in the return parameters to take the maximum, minimum and a medium value to determine whether they are correctly typed.

Project Testing Transport Sector